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 Announcement #1

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PostSubject: Announcement #1   Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:04 pm

Today (February 19th) I have encountered some major glitches in the game. These include:

-Ability to walk into the black area of the Pokemart.

-Ability to walk through computers that were on the ground (Mission Briefing room, Aqua Hideout.)

-Could walk into the corners of the Pokecenter/Pokemart which was half black/half floor tile

These have now been fixed.

In other news:

-All Legendary Pokemon added.

-All Pokemon (493 of them) are now obtainable in the game.

-New maps added.

-Information girl added to the left of the PC in front of the Team Magma Pokemon Center.

-Link is now back online.


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Announcement #1
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