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 Announcement #2

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PostSubject: Announcement #2   Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:04 am

February 20th - I updated the game to take care of a few things:

-I decided the final boss was TOO hard. Instead of all level 100's, the boss now has:

  • A level 90 Vulpix.

  • A level 80 Mightyena.

  • A level 80 Camerupt.

  • A level 80 Crobat.

  • A level 90 Cacnea.

  • A level 90 Mareep. *

*Not specifically in that order.

-Corrected a spelling error: A guy in Team Aqua's base would say 'everyday' instead of 'every day'.

-Added all of the final evolutions of Pokemon that evolve via friendship, considering friendship evolutions DO NOT WORK in the game. Why? Because friendship bases STOP COMPLETELY at 97 happiness. You need 255 happiness to evolve your Pokemon.

-Added some new Tm's and a Soothe Bell, in case the Soothe Bell actually works somehow.

That's today's update. Stay tuned for more.


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Announcement #2
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