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 A 'NEW' Team Magma Game?

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PostSubject: A 'NEW' Team Magma Game?   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:24 am

Indeed. Get aboard that ship because a NEW Team Magma Version is on it's way... not anytime soon though, sorry.

Recently discovering a new version of Pokestarter, I decided that I'll make a new version of Pokemon Team Magma Version. This one, I'm planning to be VERY extensive. I want to include running, biking, surfing, fishing and more! I may include some old maps, but it will hopefully feel more like a journey than 'lol let's sit here and train!' How lame, who was the idiot who thought of that idea? Anyways, expect the new version to be done by 2013! (Slightly accurate date.)

-I am not planning on an Elite Four.
-Still not planning on Gyms.
-Not quite sure why'd you be journeying... I may take some ideas from Pokemon R/S/E. (Stealing Devon Goods, etc.)
-Maps won't be 100% exact since I have to start from scratch.
-Look for daily lotterys, new evolution stones and more!

I should mention that I have to CREATE the Magma surfing, fishing, etc things from scratch. So there will be a lot of blood, sweat but mostly tears on my part. YA'LL BETTER APPRECIATE IT.


P.S: Don't hesitate to report glitches with the old game... I'm going to leave the old game up even after this new one is finished, considering it was step #1. Glitches are relatively easy to fix on the old version (Except for the roar thing with Zach and Ally).


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A 'NEW' Team Magma Game?
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